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Macau was the first European settlement after the arrival of the Portuguese in the 16th century China. The region is running a shopping center by the Portuguese, but owned by the Chinese. Macao was neutral port during World War II after the Japanese occupied Hong Kong in 1943. Japan continued in power until 1945.

This 40-storey hotel is the anchor for the 7 resort hotels under construction on the Cotai Strip in Macau. Based on its sister casino in Las Vegas, The Venetian Macao incredible 10500000 square meters and is the largest single building in Asia and third in the world.

The Macau city entertainment palce stands majestically in the heart of Macao peninsula and is part of the panoramic views from the windows of hotels and casinos largest structure hotel in Asia, the Venetian Macao Hotel. It is the epitome of luxury hotels in Macau is guaranteed to the needs of the needs of all travelers. The Venetian Macao is one of the highlights of gourmet restaurants are famous for the production of culinary masterpieces.

Many online casinos offer include weekly or monthly contest or sweepstakes. Prizes will be awarded cash prizes, or both. Many online casinos are trying to attract and retain new members, so that part of the offerings of online casinos are found quite surprising. Before enrolling in an online casino offers online casino offers about a player that also serves to shop around for the best results and redeposit bonuses.

All Slots Casino in Australia has hundreds of slots games available, including three reel slots, five reel slots with hundreds of ways to win, and slots with progressive jackpots, which have the highest potential payouts in the online casino. Some progressive jackpots start at a million coins and keep growing.

Most people who try their hand at online gambling lose more than they win, but those who find the right strategy can make a living gambling online. The key is to find that strategy and to manage your money properly.

Choose the Right Games to Play

Choosing the right games is an important first step if you want to make money gambling online. Only playing it live games you can win consistently when your strategy is applied such as blackjack, video poker, and craps.

Blackjack: Back in 1962 a man by the name of Edward O Thorp came up with what is known as basic blackjack strategy. It is based on the player's point total and the dealer's visible card. If you equip yourself with a basic strategy chart and combine it with card counting you'll know the best play mathematically in every situation. While it's called "basic" this strategy is actually quite complex due to the countless situations players can come up against during a blackjack hand. For instance, small changes in the rules such as surrender option or single deck can actually improve the player's chances of winning, while a change like dealer draws on soft 17 decreases chances of winning when using the basic strategy. Find full basic strategy charts at some online casinos or in blackjack guides. Using basic strategy charts, card counting and other systems can help you win often enough to make a living gambling online.

Video Poker: Video poker has been around since the 70s and is one of the most popular forms of online gambling today. For those who enjoy a game of skill this is one game with a low house edge that offers the possibility of big wins. Rules are uncomplicated. You play 1 – 5 coins, the machine deals five cards, and the player chooses which cards to hold and which to discard. The machine replaces the discarded cards and then pays based on the value of the hand. For the best chances to win, a player should search out the most liberal pay tables. If played properly players can see a return of over 100% (if you figure in incentives like free play, cash back, and other comps). Unfortunately, the video games that are really profitable are quickly disappearing from casino gambling today.

Online Craps: Craps is a game that depends on luck and skill. Once a player knows basic craps rules, the thing to understand is the odds and craps bets before you start to play. Each craps bet poses its own winning odds and house advantage. Some wagers are more advantageous than others, so it's important to have a complete understanding of all types of bets before playing online craps. Hone your skills and learn a solid craps strategy with free software before you start laying down your hard-earned cash. Understanding which craps odds are in your favor and which are not is the key to success if you hope to make a living by gambling online.

Play with the Strategies

The key to winning online is to follow proven strategies. Once you choose the game you want to play, focus on it and study it. Get to know its strategies. Don't jump from game to game. Stick with one and learn it from the inside out. This is the secret to maximizing your odds.

Manage Your Money

When it comes to managing your money, there are a few basic words of. Understand that no strategy guarantees a win no matter how beatable the game. If you over bet or chase losses, or bet money you need to pay the rent that's a red flag that you have a gambling problem which means you will probably never be able to make a living gambling. In fact, if you can't gamble responsibly it's almost a guarantee that you will lose money in the end. In that case, you'd be better off finding another way to make a living.

Bio: My name is Sophie and I have made a living online from playing poker, I first started for fun at University with friends but also played for money online where I soon realised I could pay off my University loan. I paid this off within the year and was debt free, I do still play and make a living from this, I currently play on


Australia is big hub of the casino games. Beach sites are embellished with huge casino niche. You will have fun there with exciting offers in enigmatic casino world. There are several games and their mind boggling versions which are very attractive and enjoyable to play. It is the game of mind, luck and money making. Now you have opportunity to download these games on your android or PC with great ease. People have the chance to get familiar with the AU Midas where they have offers to play the most popular games of gambling world. Online casino in Australia can be played in safe mode and there are very reputed sites which will allow registering the client in these sites so that they can invest money and win grand prices. You will be bewildered by getting close to the casino world with exciting and fabulous versions of the casino world.

You have to search the authentic as well as safe site of the Australia casino. There are so many offers in these casino sites which very exciting and people are very interesting in playing these wonderful games and after winning they will get lots of prices or gifts. There are so many deals in these games which are indeed like by the casino lovers. People can have wonderful time in casino place. These are legally permitted to execute various versions of the casino games. There are various exciting features of the casino games. As you are signing up the casino world you will get unexpected bonus features for the newbie. It is the jackpot offer for the new comers and for the winners.

While signing up to the casino sites you must make sure that those sites are legally approved. There are deals in which casinos will give you money to deposit or invest in the game for the initiation of the game, there are various exciting offers to initiate the game and open your account in casino hub. These games and versions are very popular among the youth and kids. It is the pivotal point to have various symposium related t the business ground. In these clubs you are allowed to play in your own way and using your own luck. Money transaction is safe and transparent so that people have clear view in making the game authentic and deals legally authorised for the players.

Mobile Pokies Games

Mobile pokies and mobile casino games are available now for playing on your mobile device. For the average users, getting started playing phone pokies is a straight forward process and really not hard.

The mobile pokies games are new to the world of online gambling and various other new games are being added to your mobile phones. Many smart phones like HTC, Nokia, iPod Touch can play the pokies online.


First thing, which you should keep in mind is that you must find a supplier of the phone pokies. There are many companies available and you just need to review the companies and see the games available from the supplier. The next thing is the main decision if you really want to play for real cash or just for fun. If you are playing for real cash, then you would be losing some real cash too. So, make sure you are choosing carefully your supplier.

For the users of iPad users, it would be a different task than any other mobile phones. You have to play the mobile pokies from a different website which works without any flash content. You just have to sign up and play without any download from the website. It is really a simple process and you wouldn’t face any problem while doing it for sure. It is really a fun to play for the mobile pokies but there would be some huge jackpot games available for you. But at last the choice is yours only if you want to play it for real or just for fun.

There are many mobile casino games like mobile keno, poker, mobile baccarat and virtual horse racing. You can play pokies online without any problem on your mobile phones. So, go ahead and play now.