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Greene King Wins License Appeal

The Greene King brewery has won its appeal against the Gambling Commission meaning it is now able to pursue its proposal for bingo pubs, with the only thing now standing in the way of the proposal seeming to be any kind of planning dispute with councils and residents in the local areas.

Over the past few months the brewery has been looking at new and innovative ways to get people back into the good old British pub, and what better way than to incorporate another British tradition - bingo. Sites like have followed the story closely over recent weeks from the initial objections from the Gambling Commission and now through to the judge’s verdict.

Many believe that it could be good for pubs and those who visit. After all, gambling in pubs has been a common site for many years already with gaming boxes like the ItBox and the traditional slot machines.

The proposed locations would not have traditional callers standing on a stage necessarily, instead they would give customers the opportunity to take part in electronic games locally and nationally with the opportunity to win substantial amounts of money while enjoying a quiet pint.

One of the main objections from the Gambling Commission was that by allowing these proposals to go through it opens the door for all kinds of other potential applications from companies looking to bring gambling into wider society, and that combining alcohol with gambling was dangerous because people would lose track of how much they were spending when we should be encouraging sensible gambling.