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The history of gambling and casinos is about as old as time itself. The timeline itself is actually very interesting, although different cultures and countries claim they played a more pivotal role in the development of the casino. But how exactly did we go from gambling on the streets to the online casino we know today? It is believed that the first luxury casino, on which all other casinos are still based today, was that of Monte Carlo. Before then, a casino was more a place of general entertainment, which consisted of drinking, live music, dancing and so on. It wasn’t till later that we saw the development of actual “gambling halls”, which were much more impersonal and literally focused on nothing but gambling. The Monte Carlo casino was the first to try and combine them both.

This turned out to be hugely popular, which we still see today. Had it not been popular, we would not have seen the likes of Las Vegas and Reno and other famous gambling cities. Anything that is popular in the world has eventually found its place online, and the casino is no different. Online casinos at first presented a great opportunity for unscrupulous people to earn money by scamming gamblers out of their money. Now, however, the online casino is as stringently regulated as a regular casino.