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Luck plays a huge part in gambling. Many players will try to increase their chances of a win by having a routine focused on bringing in luck. One of the methods that are commonly used is having a lucky charm that is carried while playing the games. There are some personal lucky charms but there are charms that are considered to be very lucky for all people and we’re going to look at a few of the most popular ones in this article.

These lucky charms can be used if you go and place bets in betting shops, if you like to visit casinos or play the elite lotto uk. See if you can find the perfect one that reaches out to you.

Alligator Tooth

The alligator tooth might be hard to come by, which is probably one of the reasons it is considered to be lucky. It is though that the tooth helps players by preventing your opposition from feeling jealous of you so they don’t put jinxes on you while you play.

Horse Shoe
The horse shoe is a common lucky charm and it is often found on charm bracelets and other forms of jewellery. The horse shoe offers two benefits to the players, the first is increasing your good luck and the second is offering you protection.


Many players believe that treating their hands with a lucky lotion or hand wash will increase their chances of winning. Some players think the best hand wash to use has chamomile in it as it is a herb that relates to bringing in more money. It might also be worth carrying some chamomile on your person or burning some oil in your incense burner at home to further increase your luck while you play online.

The Rabbit’s Foot

One of the classic southern lucky charms is the rabbit’s foot. The foot is believed to bring the owner lots of good luck. The easiest way to carry the rabbit’s foot is by adding it to your set of keys or attaching it to your belt loops on your trousers.

Light the Candle

When you are gambling at home, remember to light a candle during your activities. It can’t be any old candle though; it needs to be in the shape of a skull. The skull shaped candle is a sign of daring and it will bring you all the luck you need to win. Light it up as you pick your numbers and when you check to see if you’re a winner, or leave it on if you’re playing games such as roulette, blackjack or poker.

A Hand Root

A hand root is extremely rare and it can be difficult to get hold of unless you’re a gardener. The hand root is the root of an orchid that is in the shape of a hand. The root will bring more money to the owner, so it is perfect for gamblers.